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Charcoal Barbecues or Gas - The Big Debate

With so many different barbecues available, it can be hard to decide which to choose from - and that’s without even thinking about the great gas or charcoal barbecues debate! But whether you choose a masonry, stone or brick stone construction, or you’d prefer a metal or a Kamado clay style barbecue, the advantages of cooking on charcoal barbecues speak for themselves.

The Benefits of Charcoal Barbecues

Many will argue that the taste of food cooked on charcoal barbecues just can’t be beaten - especially when wood smoking. Cooking on a charcoal barbecue is also the perfect opportunity to go back to basics - setting up and starting your fire, and tending it throughout the cooking process.

And while the heat from a gas barbecue is easily turned on and off, making the time to get grilling much faster, the heat from charcoal barbecues is perfect for keeping the chill of a late summer’s evening at bay, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors both during and after your meal.

This means that, for many, charcoal barbecues are the only option for them. That said, even once you’ve made up your mind that charcoal is the way forward, there are so many more choices to be made.

The Big K Range of Charcoal Barbecues

There is a wide range of charcoal barbecues available at Big K, catering for all tastes and gardens. From masonry through to clay, our experts have put together a guide to what’s hot and how!

Masonry charcoal barbecues
Masonry barbecues, sometimes also called chimney barbecues, are built of reinforced concrete and reconstituted coloured stone which is then painted with special artex paint.  All giving it that classic Mediterranean feel.

These charcoal barbecues are a great addition to any patio, especially because, even after you have finished cooking, they double up as a patio heater, providing a wonderful warmth to relax in all evening.  They are very efficient and economical with charcoal consumption, and the clever design of masonry barbecues means that smoke is drawn away from the food and grilling area, offering the cook a much more pleasant cooking atmosphere.

With a number of masonry barbecues available at Big K, you can choose between a simple grill, a chimney fireplace or even a barbecue with a pizza oven on the side.

Stone charcoal barbecues
Fired with charcoal or wood, stone barbecues make an attractive feature in any garden, providing a focal point for outside entertaining.  Giving that all important natural barbecue flavour, each of the Big K stone charcoal barbecues features a built in table top, giving you ample space for marinades, sauces and seasoning to complete the taste sensation.

Made of reconstituted stone, these barbecues do not need painting and their design also incorporates an easy-fire aluminium plate for easy fire lighting.

Big K offers a comprehensive range of stone barbecues including simple grills through to complete outdoor kitchens.

Brick stone charcoal barbecues
Made from reconstituted stone, heat retaining fire bricks and an easy-fire aluminium plate for easy lighting, brick stone charcoal barbecues have all the benefits of easy and efficient cooking while also perfectly complementing the traditional English brick built home.

Fired with charcoal and wood, the heat from these barbecues can be used well after cooking has finished, providing warmth on a chilly evening.

With various grilling heights and a spacious cooking area, as well as side areas for your sauces and seasoning, cooking to perfection is easy with a brick stone barbecue.

Whether you prefer your brick stone charcoal barbecue to have a chimney or not, Big K has the choice to offer.

Kamado Joe (Clay Style) Charcoal Barbecues
These very versatile ceramic charcoal barbecue grills are very versatile, acting as either an oven or a grill, allowing you to smoke, sear, bake or roast outdoors with minimal airflow adjustments. By virtue of the materials used to make a Kamado Joe, cooking temperatures of up to nearly 400 degrees centigrade can be achieved making them perfect for the serious outdoor chef. And they can even be used for a more traditionally cooked pizza!

They take their name from the Japanese word for stove, cooking range or cauldron and are very similar in style to the original Japanese versions, although with improvements on materials and design to ensure efficiency and longevity.

Whether you would like a standalone Kamado Joe charcoal barbecue or one that includes a cart and side shelves, and whether you’d prefer a black or red version, there is a great range available from Big K.

Big K - Experts in Outdoor Living

The team at Big K can easily say that they have a proven knowledge in barbecues - they have been selling barbecue and outdoor living equipment for over 40 years.  With an enviable range of barbecues - both charcoal and gas - they also have a wide selection of woodburning ovens and outdoor heaters, as well as the fuel and accessories to complement them.

Find out more about the range of charcoal barbecues and outdoor living products from Big K here.

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