Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Allure of Barbecues

With the arrival of spring and the better weather it’s time to think about using your barbecue again. Cooking in the open air has never lost its appeal, and has been a popular pastime for generations the world over. In this article, Big K, who sell summer BBQs, patio heaters and barbecue fuel, examines the appeal of barbecues and why cooking outside is simply irresistible.

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Casting Perfection Aside

There’s a wonderful lack of precision in barbecuing. Unlike cooking on a stove, barbecuing is pretty haphazard: burgers don’t have to look perfect, burned sausages still get eaten, and no one has to worry about setting the table to perfection as your guests will expect the food to be served on paper plates and consumed with plastic forks. Unlike home-cooked food, it doesn’t involve clock watching either – the burgers are done when they are done, and the fun side is waiting around for the food to cook.

Going Back to Your Roots

As cooking over an open fire was something our ancestors did hundreds of thousands of years ago - to feed themselves, keep warm, and ward off predators – it still feels gloriously primitive. There’s a certain freedom about it too; you can cast your worries aside and think wistfully, ‘Yes, if push came to shove, I really can live like my ancestors.’ And, even in the smallest of gardens, it makes you feel at one with nature as you have time to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors while you cook.

Getting Creative

If you are planning on buying a gas or charcoal barbecue this season, and are creative, it is a great way to hone your skills and design an outdoor eating space. Whether you want a sunken dining area with cushions to sit on, a patio, or decking for al fresco dining, this is your chance to make an extension of indoors with a stylish barbecue, table and seating. And if you have a patio heater, this dining space can be used from spring right through to autumn. Don’t forget to keep Big K’s contact details to hand as we have a wide range of stylish barbecues, barbecue fuel and accessories at competitive prices.

Keeping Food Smells Outside

If you have an open plan kitchen/dining/living area the smell of food cooking can be overpowering at times and it can get very smoky indoors, even with the windows and doors open. At worst, the smells from cooked food can spread about the house and linger for hours at a time, which can be particularly overbearing during the hottest months of the year. Food cooked on a lit gas or charcoal fuelled barbecue, however, smells much more divine, and, of course, half the fun of barbecuing is dodging the smoke when the wind picks up or changes direction!

Working as a Team

Barbecues are a real team effort: while some of your guests will volunteer to cook for the afternoon or evening, others will make or bring a salad or dessert, and there’ll always be someone volunteering to manage the ice bucket and to distribute beers and wine. Even the youngest members of the family can participate by setting the table, clearing away the plates, and checking whether all your guests are topped up with food, drinks or snacks.

Reconnecting with Friends and Family

Last, but not least, barbecues are a great excuse to reconnect with friends and family, and have an enjoyable day from noon until dusk. Everyone loves a barbecue and while the food is cooking, it’s fun to catch up on the gossip, have a laugh, enjoy the entertainment, and chip in with the hosting as and when needed.

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