Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Patio Heaters - Setting the Scene for Outdoor Entertaining

Patio Heaters - Setting the Scene for Outdoor Entertaining

Now the weather has taken a turn for the better, it’s the perfect time for some outdoor entertaining. If you want to extend the use your barbecue, right through the summer months and beyond, patio heaters are an ideal investment to make. With garden patio heaters your guests don’t have to cut their evening short when the sun goes down. An outdoor heater will keep them warm and comfortable, even when the weather turns chilly; and together with the heat from your brick built barbecue, pizza oven, or clay chiminea, you can enjoy socialising with your family and friends long into the evening.

If you are considering investing in a barbecue this season, here’s some more ideas on how to set the scene for the perfect outdoor event.

Patio Heaters - click here to view our full range of weatherproof heaters.

Barbecues – No summer party would be complete without a barbecue. With Big K there is a whole range of BBQs available from Kamado Joes, to masonry barbecues, stone barbecues, brick BBQs, metal barbecues and clay chimineas. Choose whichever one you feel is the most practical and will fit in with the style of your garden. Masonry barbecues are a popular choice because of their striking Mediterranean appearance, and they also add a summery feel to your garden. You can buy them in almost any size to suit large or small outdoor spaces; and our biggest one comes with a pizza oven too, which is sure to impress your guests!

Garden Seating – While some gardens have a built in dining area, such as a sunken eating space, most gardens either have a patio or decked area for al fresco dining. If you haven’t already purchased your patio furniture, comfort and appearance are the two things to consider when you are buying. Although solid wood or metal patio furniture are the most popular choices, there’s a whole range of contemporary outdoor furniture available including rattan tables and chairs, which offer an appealing, ethnic vibe. If you have invited a large number of guests over, you can always create extra seating by bringing your indoor tables and chairs outside for the evening. Or, if it is relaxed gathering with close family and friends, you could improvise and lay a few blankets on the grass with some cushions.

Laying the Table – Outdoor barbecues are not just about eating on paper plates and using plastic knives and forks. If you want to go all out to impress - especially if you are using your brick built or masonry barbecue for the first time and are only having a small party of guests over - consider dressing your table with fine cutlery, decorative wine or beer glasses, and beautiful bowls or crockery...and don’t forget the napkins! A centre-piece looks stunning on any dining table; if you enjoy flower arranging, pick some blooms from your garden and pop them in a vase. Alternatively, put some floating candles in a glass bowl, or group some pretty candles together as this will bring your whole table to life.

Extra Comforts – Of course patio heaters are a must on chilly evenings, and, depending on where your guests are sitting, even the heat from your masonry barbecue will make your visitors feel cosy. However, if you feel that the heat generated won’t reach all your guests, one idea is to bring some blankets outside so your friends can wrap up warm. Blankets while eating al fresco have caught on in a number of European cities, such as Budapest, where they are stamped with the name of the bar or restaurant and left out on the seats so customers can dine in comfort. Sometimes, it is the small touches that make an evening special, and it shows your guests you care.

Drinks – Always have an ice bucket handy so guests can help themselves to beverages such as beers and wine. This will also mean that you don’t have to keep popping in and out of the kitchen to get more drinks, and instead you can spend more time entertaining your friends and family.

Big K sell a number of barbecues and accessories to suit all shapes, styles and sizes of garden, and all budgets too. We also sell a range of winter fuel which, together with our outdoor living products is available for home delivery.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief run-down on some of the barbecues we sell:

Masonry Barbecues - Suit almost any style of garden and are commonly seen in the Mediterranean. They make an attractive focal point and can even double up as a garden patio heater!

Stone Barbecues - These are easy to use and are available in a range of contemporary or traditional styles to suit all type of gardens.

Brick BBQs – A top of the range barbecue with an appealing design, which blends easily with the English brick house style.

Metal Barbecues – These offer great value for money and are on casters so they can be easily moved about the garden.

Commando Joes – These are versatile grills and their unique design means that they can be used as a slow cooker, or to heat food to high temperatures.

Masonry Barbecues - Click here to browse our range of products for the perfect summer barbecue.