Saturday, 26 September 2015

Ten Delicious Ideas on What to Serve at a BBQ

For most people stocking up on burgers and sausages instantly springs to mind when hosting a barbecue. It’s not surprising when this type of food is easy to find in the shops, reasonably priced, simple to cook, and is just served in a bun. However, cooking from brick BBQs doesn’t have to be about throwing the simplest things on the grill (unless you are catering for a large group and want to cut down on costs). If you love cooking and are hosting a party for a small group, an attractive brick BBQ is your chance to show off your skills and get creative. Unsure what to cook? Here are ten delicious ideas from Big K who sell a range of high quality outdoor living products, stone and brick BBQs, barbecue accessories, and summer fuel.

Although the barbecue season is nearly over there's still chance to host at least one more gathering before the weather cools. And, with these ideas you can impress your guests with your culinary skills.

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Kebabs – You can skewer most things in your refrigerator from chicken pieces to monkfish, lamb, prawns or vegetables. Kebabs are easy to put together and they make a welcome alternative to burgers. For an extra kick, try out various marinades to see which one works for you. If you are making chicken kebabs, for instance, why not try Jamie Oliver’s delicious summery marinade by whizzing together coriander, mint, garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice in a food processor, then adding olive oil? Alternate between the marinated chicken, red peppers and onion on the skewer.

Steaks – Rump steaks, such as Aberdeen Angus, are firm favourites on the barbecue. However, as steaks are quite pricy it’s important that you cook them to perfection (or almost!) each time. Experts advise on choosing thick steaks as it’s easier to control how much you cook them. Although there are all sorts of marinades to choose from (including adding a dash of Worcester sauce), a juicy steak is packed with flavour and tastes good just as it is. A top tip is to cut your steaks into chunks after cooking, if you have a quite a few mouths to feed.

Chicken Wings – According to the Bon Appetit website, to make the perfect chicken wings you need to marinade them for at least an hour in advance (or the day before if you have the time). For the marinade, use a mix of fresh oregano, rosemary and olive oil in equal quantities, plus a few cloves of chopped garlic. Then grill the wings for about 20 minutes on a medium heat, and voila, your guests will be queuing for more!

Vegetables – Corn makes a tasty and colourful alternative to grilled meat and the results are simply delicious! They require virtually no preparation at all; you just grill the cobs wrapped in aluminium foil or even in their own husks. Serve with chilli butter or just brush with olive oil as an alternative to plain butter. Aubergine and asparagus also taste wonderful when barbecued.

Fish – Grilled fish is another option and, like the vegetables above, it is better on the waistline. Lemon sole, salmon steaks, seabass, trout, swordfish and red snapper are ideal choices for your barbecue. Grill a selection of fish and cut them into pieces when they’re done, so guests can take their pick. Grilled seabass with garlic butter or salmon steaks with dill and lemon are easy to make and are firm favourites among seafood lovers.

Shellfish – Prawns are always a big hit on the barbecue and can be grilled by themselves, or on a skewer. If you want to go all out to impress your guests, however, grilled lobster tails are simple to cook and make a fantastic party piece. The lobster can be chopped into chunks and served with garlic butter.

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Four Superb Salads for Barbecue Parties

If you are entertaining al fresco this season, you’ll already know that barbecuing is not all about the meat, fish or veggie burgers you are grilling (although this is a big part of it). But it’s also about what to serve with it. And, with a rise in the numbers of people striving for healthier ways of eating, salads are becoming a vital part of the al fresco experience.
Salads have come a long way since the days of shredded Iceberg lettuce, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onion and a vinaigrette. They are now becoming increasingly more exotic with a host of different ingredients thrown into the mix, which are all designed to stimulate the palate and leave your guests craving for more.
Since budding chefs and professionals have started to experiment with herbs, spices, chillies, dressings, feta or haloumi cheeses, exotic vegetables, seeds, bulgur wheat or couscous in salads, gone are the days of the predictable side dish. So to ensure that your barbecue is a hit with your guests this summer, here’s four salad ideas from Big K, who are suppliers of gas fuelled, masonry, concrete or brick barbecues and accessories in the UK.
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Refreshing Summer Couscous, Mint and Tomato Salad

Put about 250g of couscous into a large bowl, cover with boiling water and set it aside for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, chop a generous handful of vine tomatoes, 3 finely sliced spring onions, cucumber (seeded and diced), one red chilli, a handful of chopped mint leaves, parsley and coriander, and mix them all together.
Mix up the couscous with a fork and stir in your vegetables. Add a couple of tablespoons of virgin olive oil, the zest and juice of one lemon, and a pinch of cayenne. Mix it all up and you’re ready to serve.

Scrumptious Spinach, Beetroot and Feta Cheese Salad

Combine a bag of baby leaf salad and baby spinach leaves and place in a large bowl. Chop up four cooked beetroot, and crumble two packs of feta cheese and add them to the lettuce. Combine with four finely chopped spring onions and a handful of chopped mint leaves, plus one finely sliced red chilli (with or without the seeds).
Finally, make a simple dressing of 75g of lemon juice, a heaped teaspoon of Dijon mustard and 75g of extra virgin olive oil. Then mix up the dressing, pour it on top of the salad, and it’s ready to go!

Avocado and Mango Salad with a Zingy Lime Dressing

This summer salad is easy to make. All you have to do is put a bag of baby leaf lettuce into a large bowl. Then roughly cut two mangos and two avocados into half inch cubes and place them on top of the lettuce.
Then it’s time to make the dressing. Just combine the zest and juice of two limes, with a chopped red chili, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil or rapeseed oil. Add a touch of honey and some chopped coriander leaves and mix with the salad. You might want to place a few lime wedges on the side for presentation.

Delicious Pear, Walnut and Haloumi Cheese Salad

This doesn’t take long to put together and it is a fantastic accompaniment to a barbecue. Just empty a bag of baby leaf lettuce into a large bowl. Roughly chop two pears into cubes and add to the mix. Slice a packet of haloumi cheese into rectangles and grill for a few minutes each side, then pan fry two handfuls of walnut pieces. Add some lemon juice to taste, mix up all the ingredients together and you’re ready to serve.
Big K
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Enjoying Healthier Barbeques This Summer

For many of us, summer means barbeque season. If you don't already have a grill that you're happy with, now's the perfect opportunity to treat your family to a new masonry, concrete or brick barbeque, and invite friends and loved ones round to join the party.

But, in a world where there's an increasing focus on health and fitness, how can we ensure that our barbeques are as healthy as possible? Here are a few tips from barbeque experts Big K, who are suppliers of a wide range of outdoor living products, including brick and concrete barbeques.
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Safer Grilling Tips

Nothing smells more delicious than meat sizzling on a barbeque grill. However, even if you like your steak rare, it's important to make sure items such as sausages and burgers are thoroughly cooked before tucking in. This doesn't just help the flavour, but also avoids any risks of food poisoning. To check meat is properly cooked, cut its thickest point and check it doesn't look pink and that any juices are running clear. You also need to wash hands after handling raw meat to avoid cross-contamination, and avoid putting raw meat next to cooked meat on the grill.

Other tips to ensure safe grilling include turning the meat over regularly so that it cooks evenly, and making sure the BBQ fuels are hot enough before you start cooking. It's also advisable to keep foods cool in the fridge until they are needed, including salads and dips as well as dairy products and meats, and avoid leaving food out in the sun.

Of course, the grilled taste is a big part of the appeal of barbeque food, but too much charring isn't good for us. One helpful tip to avoid this is to cut excess fat off meat before cooking, which will reduce the risk of flare-ups. Another is to steep the meat in a marinade based on olive oil or citrus juices, as this can help to stop it burning. However, if you do end up with one or two heavily charred bits, you can always cut them off.

Healthier Menu Choices

Barbeque dishes can range beyond the sausages and hamburgers, so why not be adventurous and add some delicious lower-fat alternatives? Chicken and fish are both lower in fat than red meats, while vegetable kebabs, homemade veggie burgers and sausages or corn on the cob are all delicious grilled and enjoyed in the open air.

Serving up plenty of salads to accompany the barbeque meats will help to make a healthy feast, while fruits such as pineapples and bananas can also be cooked on the grill. Homemade barbeque sauces and marinades are also likely to be much healthier than bottled ones, which can contain a surprisingly large amount of added sugar. There are many different recipes to choose from, or you could invent your own!

Another tip to help ensure a healthier barbeque is to help everyone stay well hydrated by offering plenty of water, not just alcoholic drinks.

Keeping Your Barbeque Clean and Hygienic

One of the most important things to remember when organising a barbeque is to keep your grills clean and free from grease. Even though cooking in the open air is free and easy, hygiene with cooking appliances outdoors is as important as it is in the kitchen.

Whether you are using a masonry, concrete or brick barbeque, it will need cleaning after every use to remove any burnt-on food residues, which can cause flare-ups when cooking as well as hygiene problems. A more thorough annual clean is also a must. Big K offers a range of cleaning implements to keep your charcoal or gas barbeque clean and in good working order.

Keep Smoke to a Minimum

If a barbeque smokes too much, this could be a problem for any guest with a health condition such as asthma, as well as possibly annoying the neighbours when clouds drift over the garden fence! You could choose a gas barbeque to avoid any problems with smoke, while other tips for those using charcoal are to make sure you buy good quality fuel and firelighters, keep the grill clean and make sure the coals are just glowing before adding the meat.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Being out in the open air is of course healthy in itself. Barbeques encourage us all to spend more time outside, which is great – as well as helping us to relax and share quality time with family and friends. However, just following our simple health tips can help to make barbeques even better and ensure summer enjoyment for everyone. One last tip is not to forget the sunscreen, which is especially vital if you are having your barbeque party at lunchtime!

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Serving Up BBQ Dishes With a Difference

The season for BBQs has arrived, bringing the chance to eat al fresco in the sunshine with family and friends. Many people are either getting out their BBQ from last year or investing in a new one. Whether you prefer concrete, brick, masonry or stone BBQs, there are many different designs to choose from, including chimney BBQs.

Once you've got your BBQ set up and have arranged the area with attractive seating and tables, the next question is what to cook? Many people rely on the same old favourites every time, such as sausages and chicken legs. However, there are plenty of other sizzling recipes which also taste great cooked and eaten in the open air. Here Big K, who supply a wide range of BBQs, accessories and BBQ fuels, look at some dishes with a difference to enjoy outdoors this summer.

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Meat Dishes

As well as burgers and sausages, there are also many other meat dishes which can be cooked in the open air. Often it's a case of putting a new spin on a traditional BBQ recipe, for instance by marinating lamb chunks in Indian spices to create kebabs with a curry twist. Alternatively, pour a yoghurt-based Tandoori marinade over chicken breasts, thighs or chunks, and then leave the chicken to soak up the flavours before grilling.

Flattening pork chops, cutlets or cheaper cuts of steak before cooking them can help to make them easier to cook – or you could just prick the meat with a fork. Again, a marinade will help to add both flavour and tenderness. Mix up your own marinades and you can have fun adding different flavours, ranging from garlic to soy sauce, honey, vinegar and rosemary. Peppers or hotter spices will give a stronger tang.

Marinating well ahead is the key to a successful BBQ meat feast. If using charcoal, it's also essential to make sure the coal is at the right temperature and has turned white before adding the meat, so that it cooks evenly throughout. Another way to help the meat cook well is to add a stainless steel steak grill to your BBQ. You could also buy a rotisserie spit and cook a whole chicken over the BBQ, achieving a deliciously even flavour.

BBQ Fish Dishes

Meat might be the first type of food that comes to mind when planning a BBQ, but it's by no means the only option. Fish also tastes great cooked in this way. If you're a fan of BBQ seafood dishes you can even buy a double fish grill to make it easier to cook, making turning easier and keeping the fish in great condition.

One delicacy to try is a salmon fillet, marinated in a garlic and olive oil-based mixture and cooked on foil. Alternatively, whole fish that work well grilled on the BBQ range from trout to mackerel, sea bass, bream or red mullet; and leaving the skin on means a deliciously crispy outside layer. However, it's best to make sure the BBQ isn't too hot, to avoid cooking the outside of the fish too well before the inside is ready. It can be easier to cook fish dishes over gas barbecue grills because of the greater controllability, but they can also be grilled successfully over charcoal.

As well as whole fish, kebabs made from chunks of white fish or prawn skewers are also ideal treats for a BBQ party. Or why not try fish parcels wrapped in foil, prepared with a Thai or Chinese marinade?

Veggie Options

So what about vegetarian guests? The good news is that there's no need for non-meat eaters to feel left out, because there are many veggie options which taste equally good cooked in the great outdoors.

Instead of buying ready-made veggie burgers, you could try slices of grilled aubergine with halloumi and pesto patties in a burger bun. Carrot and sesame burgers are another option. Grilled vegetable kebabs, featuring a colourful mix of peppers, courgettes and mushrooms, are also likely to prove popular.

Other Items on the Menu

The key to a great BBQ isn't just the food you cook on the grill, but also the extras. The key is to keep things simple but interesting, for instance by trying out some different salads or more unusual types of breads. If anyone still has room for dessert, banana splits are a great BBQ option. Sprinkle lemon juice and brown sugar on sliced bananas and grill them quickly, with vanilla ice cream as the finishing touch.

If you are looking for inspiration for unusual BBQ dishes, there are plenty of recipe books to choose from. The BBQ Book, presented by Jamie Oliver's Food Tube, includes recipes by American chef DJ BBQ, also known as Christian Stevenson. Ainsley's Ultimate Barbecue Bible, by TV chef Ainsley Harriott, is another popular title on the theme.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why is Cooking with Charcoal so Appealing?

There has long been a debate over which is better to use – gas or charcoal barbecues. While some chefs prefer gas fired barbecues for the convenience, others favour cooking with charcoal…and wouldn’t have it any other way. This article looks at why cooking with charcoal is so appealing, and throws the spotlight on some of the most popular Big K outdoor living products available to buy now.

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Five Benefits of Cooking with Charcoal

Are you struggling to decide which barbecue to buy this summer? The choice really comes down to preference as gas and charcoal grills both have their benefits. But here are five reasons why some chefs can’t get enough of charcoal:

Unrivalled Flavour – One of the principal reasons why some chefs prefer charcoal grills is the delicious, smokey flavour that you simply won't get with a gas barbecue. The flavour from charcoal grilled sausages, chicken, steaks, fish or vegetables is simply unbeatable, and is why some householders wouldn’t swap their charcoal BBQ for anything else.

Going Back to Your Roots – Cooking with charcoal has a certain primitive charm. This gives you the chance to go back to basics with friends and family, and feel at one with nature as you cook your food over open flames - just as your ancestors did.

A Sociable Way to Cook – While gas barbecues are quicker to heat up, the wait for the food is half the fun. Your guests will enjoy gathering around the fire, catching up over a glass of wine or beer, and taking it in turns to lend their hand at cooking.

They’re Cheaper – Charcoal barbecues are generally cheaper than their gas equivalent and tend to take up less space overall, so they are great for small gardens. And, with such a wide choice available from Big K, including masonry barbecues and stone barbecues, you will find the perfect one to match your home and garden.

Take Them Anywhere – Big K's wide range of outdoor living products includes throw-away picnic barbecues, which you can easily use in the garden or pack in the boot of the car to take down to the beach or local park. These portable BBQs are simple to use; they only need a match to light and take just 20 minutes to heat up. Click here to order a pack of ten disposable picnic barbecues.

Top Tips on Preparing a Charcoal Grill

Lighting a barbecue for the first time? Here are a few pointers on how to prepare a charcoal grill, so you can impress your guests with your expertise.

  • When you put the charcoal on the barbecue make sure the briquettes are placed close together in a pile before lighting. This enables the fire to spread more easily, so the barbecue heats up quicker.
  • Let the fire burn for about thirty minutes or so before cooking. If you do find the flames are dying out the best bet is to fan the flames with a tea towel or newspaper to get them going again. If you need more heat - just add more charcoal.
  • Once the coals are covered in ash, grey in colour and glowing, your barbecue is ready to use. First, use a poker to spread the coals about, so you get a good hot surface to cook on. Leave an area without coals, which you can use once food is cooked.
  • Next, place the grill on top and let it heat up for a while to get it really hot before cooking. Now you are ready to go!
  • Once in a while fat may drip onto the coals and cause the flames to flare up. The best thing to do is just to move your food to the empty side (the side without fuel) and wait for the flames to die down before cooking again.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Outdoor Entertaining – How to Throw the Perfect Barbecue Party

With spring upon us, now is the perfect time to invite friends and family over for a get-together. While most barbecues are organised at the last minute, if you love entertaining, a barbecue is a great excuse to go all out and make best use of your hosting skills. In this article Big K – suppliers of stone, concrete, masonry, brick barbecues and summer fuel products – looks at how to throw the perfect outdoor party.

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Choosing a Barbecue – When it comes to choosing a barbecue, the first step is to think about whether a charcoal or gas barbecue will work best for you. While some people prefer the flavour of food cooked on a charcoal barbecue, others prefer gas barbecues as they are quicker to use and cleaner too, as there’s no charcoal to dispose of afterwards.

Also, think how much you want to spend on your barbecue, and how many people you intend to cook for. If you intend to entertain large groups frequently, concrete or brick barbecues make an attractive feature, and there are a host of contemporary and traditional designs to suit all properties.

Once you have chosen your barbecue...the fun part is inviting friends round so you can make the most of it.

Inviting Your Guests – While some people like to send formal invites by post, inviting guests by telephone, text or word of mouth will give you an immediate response. If you are having a large party, let your guests know at least ten days in advance so they can keep your party date free.

In narrowing your guest list down, it’s important to choose the right mix of people who will enjoy each other’s company. Although it may be tempting to invite a group of radically different people, if they are unlikely to have anything in common, it could make for an awkward evening. Try to invite a few people who already know each other, if you can, and who are friendly and chatty enough to make any newcomers welcome.

The important thing is to create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels at ease. And, if you think that your party will go on well into the evening, it is always best to inform your neighbours of your celebration...or better still, invite them along too.

Organising a Menu – It is perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to bring a dish and a bottle of wine to a barbecue party. However, if you are going down this route, try to indicate what your guests should bring, as the last thing you want is a pile of burgers and nothing else. So, vary it a bit by asking people to bring different things such as starters, buns, salads, sausages, chicken, or a dessert.

If you are supplying all the food, then make sure that you have a few vegetarian options for your guests. Try to do as much preparation in advance: including making the salads or starter on the morning of the party, or the night before. Don’t forget to stock up on beers and wine in advance, and have a good selection of soft drinks for drivers and your youngest guests.

Decorating the Table – Barbecues are never expected to be formal affairs so you don’t have to spend too much time decorating the table. Just laying the salad out on the table and having a set of paper plates, plastic knives, forks, disposable cups, napkins and serving spoons to hand will be sufficient.

However, if you prefer to be a bit more creative, a table centrepiece, such as a few candles or some flowers in a vase, looks fantastic, and you might want to cover your picnic table with an attractive table cloth. You may also prefer using your own crockery, glasses and cutlery instead of using disposable ones.

If you don’t have enough patio furniture, a few foldaway picnic tables will do. You can either bring a few more chairs out from indoors, or lay a ground sheet down with some cushions for a more informal approach.

Setting the Atmosphere – It's often the little details that count, as these help turn a good barbecue party into a great one. If your barbecue is likely to go on late until the evening, a patio heater or two will help make your guests feel warm and comfortable. Or, you can always drape a few blankets over chairs and benches so they are within easy reach of your guests.

If you are hosting an afternoon barbecue, set a gazebo up in the centre of the garden, or put some patio umbrellas out to help shield people from the sun. If guests are bringing their little ones, have some toys and games to hand to keep them amused. You might even want to organise some entertainment for your adult guests too, such as quizzes with small prizes to win.

Getting the Whole Family Involved – Half the fun of organising a barbecue is getting everyone involved – from the youngest to the oldest members of the family. While older members might volunteer to cook, others might take responsibility for the side dishes, and the children can offer guests snacks when they arrive. Music helps set the scene and a mix of different sounds will keep all your guests happy, rather than sticking to one artist or album. If you have teenagers, they might enjoy playing DJ for the day.

Meanwhile, if you don't have an outdoor fridge, an ice bucket works just as well and guests can either help themselves to their drinks, or you can check that everyone is topped up with food and alcohol. After all, well fed and watered guests are happy ones.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Allure of Barbecues

With the arrival of spring and the better weather it’s time to think about using your barbecue again. Cooking in the open air has never lost its appeal, and has been a popular pastime for generations the world over. In this article, Big K, who sell summer BBQs, patio heaters and barbecue fuel, examines the appeal of barbecues and why cooking outside is simply irresistible.

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Casting Perfection Aside

There’s a wonderful lack of precision in barbecuing. Unlike cooking on a stove, barbecuing is pretty haphazard: burgers don’t have to look perfect, burned sausages still get eaten, and no one has to worry about setting the table to perfection as your guests will expect the food to be served on paper plates and consumed with plastic forks. Unlike home-cooked food, it doesn’t involve clock watching either – the burgers are done when they are done, and the fun side is waiting around for the food to cook.

Going Back to Your Roots

As cooking over an open fire was something our ancestors did hundreds of thousands of years ago - to feed themselves, keep warm, and ward off predators – it still feels gloriously primitive. There’s a certain freedom about it too; you can cast your worries aside and think wistfully, ‘Yes, if push came to shove, I really can live like my ancestors.’ And, even in the smallest of gardens, it makes you feel at one with nature as you have time to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors while you cook.

Getting Creative

If you are planning on buying a gas or charcoal barbecue this season, and are creative, it is a great way to hone your skills and design an outdoor eating space. Whether you want a sunken dining area with cushions to sit on, a patio, or decking for al fresco dining, this is your chance to make an extension of indoors with a stylish barbecue, table and seating. And if you have a patio heater, this dining space can be used from spring right through to autumn. Don’t forget to keep Big K’s contact details to hand as we have a wide range of stylish barbecues, barbecue fuel and accessories at competitive prices.

Keeping Food Smells Outside

If you have an open plan kitchen/dining/living area the smell of food cooking can be overpowering at times and it can get very smoky indoors, even with the windows and doors open. At worst, the smells from cooked food can spread about the house and linger for hours at a time, which can be particularly overbearing during the hottest months of the year. Food cooked on a lit gas or charcoal fuelled barbecue, however, smells much more divine, and, of course, half the fun of barbecuing is dodging the smoke when the wind picks up or changes direction!

Working as a Team

Barbecues are a real team effort: while some of your guests will volunteer to cook for the afternoon or evening, others will make or bring a salad or dessert, and there’ll always be someone volunteering to manage the ice bucket and to distribute beers and wine. Even the youngest members of the family can participate by setting the table, clearing away the plates, and checking whether all your guests are topped up with food, drinks or snacks.

Reconnecting with Friends and Family

Last, but not least, barbecues are a great excuse to reconnect with friends and family, and have an enjoyable day from noon until dusk. Everyone loves a barbecue and while the food is cooking, it’s fun to catch up on the gossip, have a laugh, enjoy the entertainment, and chip in with the hosting as and when needed.

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